Two longstanding artists in the game have came together a release a real unique sounding drum and bass release. Craze brings his spiritual and embodied greatness to proceedings, whilst Palmer Reed brings his R&B expertise to the fore in ‘Stuck On You’.

A real soft opening to the track ensues, sounding the waves of the ocean coming on your ears before a a melodically flowing and beautifully laid out piano line sets the scene before a tropical wave of drum & bass hits. It’s chilled out and mellowed D&B, and it’s refreshing to hear a different take on what can be a repetitive sounding genre to others. But Craze & Palmer Reed channel their combined energy to create something gratifying and honest.


Craze says that ““Stuck On You” is one of my favourite tunes that I’ve ever made. Palmer is an amazing artist and the combination of his songwriting and my drum and bass production is magic. Proper combo of RnB & Drum & Bass for clubs and radio.” 


Listen to ‘Stuck On You’ HERE