Courtney Cotter King, the rising singer/songwriter from Arizona, has always had music in her life. She started writing music at 3 years old and has been playing piano for almost as long. Currently a mother of 3 under the age of 5, her songs are inspired by her family growing up (she’s the youngest of 6) and the family she’s building. 

Her new single, “Big Strong Man,” taken from her upcoming album, Brood, is about how her husband makes her feel. It’s sounds of 50’s jazz and blues mingled with a more modern Alanis Morissette style of vocals makes this song unique. The music mirrors the lyrics. She sings about how her husband is a big man that makes her feel light. The music is similar in that she’s singing about a big strong man in a softer tone and style of music rather than a more aggressive approach, like rock or pop. 

“Big Strong Man” is a playful tribute to masculinity creating a lovely backdrop for femininity. “Light as a feather, when we’re together” is how she feels against his “gentle giant, nice grizzly bear” frame. Syncopated percussion, flirty echos and horns resembling early Fiona Apple, set the scene for Courtney’s vocal personality to come through in this jazzy number. Ultimately written for her tall, handsome husband; Courtney hopes it can boost a lot of guys out there and promote brands that serve the individual strengths of women and men. 



In her video for “Big Strong Man,” we get an intimate feeling of the song. Rather than show her husband, the big strong man, we see the process of making the music. This allows the “light as a feather” feeling she sings about to pierce the screen. It’s subtle, much like the intent of the lyrics and music together. Watching Courntey perform this song and seeing her passion enhancing the viewing experience, almost like she’s giving you a private show.

“Big Strong Man” is out now and you can watch her video on YouTube. “Big Strong Man” is a catchy song that is guaranteed to get in your head. Be sure to give it a listen.