Courtney Cotter King, the blues, jazz, and pop-rock artist from Mesa, Arizona, recently released her newest single, “Electric Feet,” and dropped the accompanying video on November 12. “This song is about how the happiness of a child can liberate a group of people,” explains Courtney. “It’s about my every morning….My children wake me up. They always have a happy energy and kids naturally want to be happy. I wrote this also because when my daughter was 1 1/2 she made up this dance move that showed her extreme joy when I would give her gummy vitamins. It’s called ‘The Booty Side Slide.’ It’s just an upbeat and feel good song with some rock.”

The song itself is a catchy rock-jazz song that encourages you to dance around your bedroom. It has a strong Pharrell meets Ray Lamontagne vibe. Dedicated to all the moms out there, especially the creative one, “Electric Feet” is a pure and joyous song that is bound to be a hit.

The video is a perfect representation of the essence of “Electric Feet.” It features lots of dancing, from Courtney and her kids to professional dancers. It has a cosmic theme, as everyone is wearing silver semi-morph suits. There’s lots of color and features Courtney playing the piano lit by the galaxy. The whole video screams fun, happiness, and freedom. Everything is fast and snappy as we jump from one scene to the next. 

Watch here:

Courntey wastes no time in creating a video for her music, and we are glad! “Electric Feet” in particular, just spews fun and you can see that everyone on set had a good time. That is, afterall, what Courtney’s music is all about. It’s a wonderful pairing to her catchiest song yet. 

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