Amanda Stewart is an exciting new artist hailing from Bozeman, MT. Releasing her debut single ‘Feeding Frenzy’ at the beginning of 2022, she has welcomed us all into her soft-sounding, folk-pop sound full of warmth and promise. Performing on the live circuit for over 15 years, Stewart has been preparing to launch her debut album in March which has been a long time in the making. Writing songs all about her struggles in life with love, mental health and decisions, Amanda has a song that relates to every country-pop fan.

Her sophomore single from the album ‘More Than A Good Cry’ continues to showcase Stewart’s sound, lending on country, pop and Americana influences, she delivers a sumptuous cross-genre offering, full of rich harmonies and sultry vocals. Reminiscent of the early Taylor Swift days, ‘More Than A Good Cry’ tells that heartbreaking love story that we all have a soft spot for, filled with catchy hook-ridden melodies and a melancholic production that sits so seamlessly behind.

Amanda Stewart holds a vocal that stands out from the crowd, and puts a modern twist on a nostalgic entwined genre. With her album arriving in March, expect to hear more of this rising singer-songwriter with limitless potential.

Speaking more about the meaning and creation behind ‘More Than A Good Cry’, Amanda explains: “I started writing these songs over the last few years, as a way to cope with depression, relationship issues and struggling to make the right choices in my life. I was lucky enough to co-write ‘More Than a Good Cry’ with Elliott Blaufuss and Jenn Bostic, who helped me tap into a part of my life I had compartmentalized for a long time.  Working with Tim Bruns, my producer in Nashville, TN was a dream. Tim really helped me find my identity as a musician, and helped these songs reflect who I am.”

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