Cory Driscoll offers the rich “Hope Changes” through a folk dream world. The atmosphere is of the essence, for there is a meditative aspect to how it all comes together. The song works wonders because the instruments have a lighter-than-air presence. Rhythms go for a languid, surrealist quality about them. By far, the highlight and what works as the core of the sound comes from the vocals. Words are chosen carefully, and verses drip with pure poetry. With this pastoral aspect behind it, there is a quiet joy to be had, contentment that feels wonderful to witness. Notes of the Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, and others filter into the extensive deep track.

A gentle western psychedelic right at home with the Meat Puppets starts things off spaciously. Guitar work virtually wafts up into heaven. Everything here is about the mood, and Cory makes sure not to disrupt it at all. Delicate gestures matter for they incorporate so many flourishes into the fray, helping to add to the sense of peace the song explores. Layer upon layer washes over the listener resulting in a splendid series of patterns. Nor does it overstay its welcome, choosing instead to evaporate into the sky slightly. Thanks to the lullaby-like nature of the track, it has a reassuring tenor.

Overall, “Hope Changes” is an excellent teaser for the upcoming ‘Eureka Springs.’ It is now available on all major music platforms, including Spotify. Cory Driscoll can also be found on Instagram to know more about his upcoming endeavors.

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