Known for his tongue-in-cheek lyrical stylings and roots-rock soundscapes, Tony Baltimore’s new single ‘Fly Alone’ is a departure from his normal style, instead, leaning towards gentle reflective folk both sonically and lyrically.

Demonstrating another dimension to his songwriting with emotional, heartfelt lyricism over an intricate backdrop of acoustic guitar and strings, ‘Fly Alone’ quickly sets the scene before Tony’s effortlessly honest and impactful vocal enters. As the track builds, entering an optimistic chorus Tony is joined by harmonies from guest vocalist and band member Marjory Lee, lifting the track and allowing it to soar.  

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘Fly Alone’ Tony explains: “Fly Alone was written at the end of April 2020 when the pandemic really started to affect people in a noticeable way. The look of desperation & depression on people’s faces, whether it be via FaceTime, Skype or the television was highly visible and proved that a lot of people were not doing well. These factors along with a personal story of a good friend combined to be what is now Fly Alone.”

Produced by Ian Shaw (Portugal. The Man, Barb Jungr) and released by Conch Town Records, the upcoming album ‘Let’s All Go Insane’ is due June 17th.