Common Goldfish has taken the plunge into the deep dive of releasing music for the first time, and has a sumptuous combination of the 90s indie soaked music that most of us surrounded ourselves with, alongside a modern and crisp production. His stylish debut ‘Feel The Fuzz’ is exactly this, and soaks you in fuzzy guitars and ear-worm melodies that will catch the attention of any vintage indie fan.

There is a feeling of Stone Roses in this one, with ‘Fools Gold’ esque drums filling the air and Common Goldfish’s reverb drenched vocals paying homage to the greats. You can certainly get into the groove of this one right away, and that’s what makes it so easy to immerse yourself. Common Goldfish already seems to have landed on his feet with ‘Feed The Fuzz’, and we look forward to seeing what else it to come.