Jeff Hilliard is a comedian and multi-award winning video producer and director who’s provocative sense of humor reaches new heights with each release. His music videos have garnered millions on views and have been promoted by the likes of likes of SteveO, Russell Brand, and Tommy Lee. His video and single project “Good Life” was hailed by Billy Morrison (The Cult, Billy Idol) as “The most outrageous, wrong, socially unacceptable music video I’d ever seen – and that is what makes it UTTER GENIUS!”

Jeff’s latest project, “Abandon,” uses the 80’s metal genre to convey his message of gender stereotypes. It’s a great genre for such a topic as the metal bands of the 1980’s exuded toxic masculinity. He takes societal gender roles and flips it on its head. Jeff portrays the sad a pathetic main character by the name of Dwight. He is picked up by a woman named Vivian, whom we later find out is married with kids in suburbia, leading to a night of passion. While Vivian ended it there, Dwight is obsessed and thought he had found love. He sings “I ain’t no pump and dump/I believe in the power of love/one night is not enough/how could you abandon our love” as he goes through the evening and even stalks her. What’s interesting here is that as the viewer, you feel bad for him even though you understand he’s a little dangerous and insane.

Jeff treats every video like an independent film. He puts everything into it, as in he writes, directs, sings, performs, and produces each video with care. He tells a story with each project as well, creating new characters to portray. As a trained character actor and previous stand up comedian, he takes on these characters with ease and brings something different to each one. It’s almost like a finger to the entertainment industry and Hollywood, that he has such creative freedom that he can tell the stories he wants to on his own terms.

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Featured in the “Abandon” video are Lee Miles, who also produced the music and helped with the songwriting, Lee Miles, Dave Pino, Bobby Hewitt, who also helped with editing, Coby Connell, & Jack Geren. Jeordie White helped with additional guitars and bass and also helping with the songwriting.

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