Chrome Daphne is a Toronto-based duo comprised of producer/multi-instrumentalists Chris da Silva and Jay Cherr. Futuristic dance grooves coalesce with moody R&B, as this distinctive pair weave rich synthetic textures into the warmth of analog instrumentation.

Following the release of their first single, “There,” Chrome Daphne’s new song, “Enough,” marks a bit of a stylistic departure from their other material. This tune is written in 6/4 which is not something you often hear in dance music, and bringing in horn players was definitely an experiment for them.

The cover art for this song essentially represents having one foot out the door, determined to avoid putting down roots anywhere. “Enough” was inspired by attachment issues and what it feels like to straddle the line between deeper commitment and shallow desires. It’s imbued with wishful, dreamy apprehension – wondering what a relationship could be.