Canton, New York native, Christian Parker, is a seasoned musician who is dedicated to making and writing music about the everyday life we’re so familiar with. He’s interested in the complex relationships we have, the pain we feel, the obstacles we face and the way the universe tests us. Everything is fair game. He started playing guitar at age 12, the day that John Lennon was shot and killed. The Beatles were all over the news and this informed his songwriting and the musician he became. 


His newest song, “Cast a Line” was released on October 7 from his forthcoming album, Every Passing Mile, to be released early next year. “Cast a Line” was co-written by Peter Pendras in late 2020 and collaborated through sharing rough demos and lyric ideas. This song is very much similar to The Beatles with a hint of Paul Simon. The recording of the song evolved after Phil Hurley (Giglio Aunts, Tracy Bonham, Lisa Loeb, Fountains of Wayne) contributed vocals and electric guitar adding a beautiful pop landscape, with the “big chorus” sound. 


“Cast a Line” was inspired by the pandemic, which became an everyday part of our lives, making it fair game for Christian. “It is some sort of reaching out, in this case, trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense at first,” shares Christian. He aims to share the common stories that most had during the pandemic, and some that include loss. However, in the end, there is hope in this desperate situation, singing “cast a line when a star falls in the sky – there’s no need to cry, cause it’s falling.”


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“Cast a Line” is out now and available wherever you stream music.


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