Experimental Electronic Composer/Songwriter Chris Ianuzzi has announced the release of two new singles entitled “Infinite Prize” and “Setagaya”, each showcasing a bold new sound. Both will be released via his Satellite Symphonics label imprint. This release is recommended for fans of challenging artists like Gary Numan, Ben Frost, Aphex Twin, Skinny Puppy, Amon Tobin and Oneohtrix Point Never. After Chris Ianuzzi’s last album Planeteria, he’s returned to vocal songs and song structure as well as making Electronic/Symphonic pieces.

“Infinite Prize” is accompanied by what could prove to be one of the most unique, penetrating music videos of the year. Chris enlisted the help of actress Legs Malone, artist Max Rosenthal, video editor D. Carlton Bright and creative consultant Nina Ianuzzi to bring this dark tale to life.

Chris shares of  “Infinite Prize”:
“My approach to the song and video from Day 1 was to capture the apocalyptic time we were entering in lockdown. Connections and relationships made and developed on Zoom and Social Medias.  I started this song and had a video in mind in April 2020.An imaginary relationship develops with a seductive, mystical, female character that comes through computer screen. The computer screen replaces the mirror in Alice in Wonderland. I was originally thinking of starting  the video recorded live on Zoom with multiple screens. As the song developed, meetings  and brainstorming with Max and Carlton got rolling. The development of the female character was someone that I had been through many apocalyptic scenarios with. The second verse is about Pompeii. So, the thinking was an infinite spirit that  came to me through different lifetimes.  That is kind of “New Agey” so, I wanted to ad some dirt to it.  10 years ago, I produced a Futuristic Variety show. Legs Malone was the person that was the star burlesque performer.She is a wonderful person, performer with great cinematic thinking. I contacted her hoping that she would remember me and we could work with on this project at a distance using a green screen during the pandemic. It all worked out beyond what I imagined. Carlton and Max and I worked together on the video for “Hello” that was released a year ago.There is s great chemistry that’s developed with all of us and I hope we can do more in the future.”


For a number of years Ianuzzi served as an Electronic Creative associate with the legendary Suzanne Ciani and her Electronic Music booutique for Sound Design and Scoring. Chris’ early years also included work with Vangelis and ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann as well as work on Billboard chart-topping projects such as “AEIOU” by Freeze and “Way of Life” by The Puppets. During this time, Ianuzzi developed his song writing skills. Ianuzzi also recorded two albums with the band Sluka (Meldac Records) while touring Japan and Europe.

He then returned to New York and scored for visual works in all media. This work included composing orchestral music for the HBO “Earth to Moon” series and creating sound design and musical composition for large interactive environments.

Though he has become a bit more grounded since his childhood psychedelic musical awakening, Ianuzzi’s creativity remains a driving force. Chris Ianuzzi released a 3-track EP “Olga in a Black Hole” on 03/09/2020 to critical acclaim. He followed this release up by collaborating with New York-based creatives D. Carlton Bright and Max Rosenthal to create an original music video for “Hello”, a track featured on the EP and also planned for inclusion on upcoming full-length album “Planetaria” out 06/15/2020 on all platforms.

Find Chris Online:
Website: https://chrisianuzzi.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/i.synthesist
Twitter: Chris Ianuzzi @Isynthesist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisianuzzi/
Bandcamp: http://chrisianuzzi.bandcamp.com
Youtube Channels: https://youtube.com/isynthesist