NYC Dream Pop artist, Chris Baluyut announces his return home from half a decade in Tokyo with his new single, “Everything Goes.” While his debut EP, Leap Year, had more of an indie folk/folk rock singer-songwriter sound, his new work has evolved into atmospheric soundscapes grounded in rhythmic beats.

After writing music and living in Tokyo for nearly 5 years, Chris decided to return home to NYC in the Fall of 2020, having honed his songwriting skills and solidified his musical identity. “Being back home, in certain ways it feels like the first time I’m experiencing the city. I spent 25 years here growing up, but I am experiencing a powerful time of rediscovery,” he says.

A week before leaving for New York, Chris sat in a traditional Japanese garden and wrote a love letter and farewell to Tokyo, the city that raised him during the crucial formative ages of twenty-four to twenty-nine years old. The resulting single, “Everything Goes,” which also declares his sonic shift to Dream Pop is something of a coming of age song. 

Chris sings: I grew up in these gardens where I found the first thing I hadn’t at home / So I carved the trees up til’ you could see what lay in the remote / Call it what you want, it was a place to bloom / I left with leaves anew. The song exudes a delicate power featuring celestial washes of synth sounds, layered ambience, electronic beats, and both gentle and compelling vocals.

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