Chladny is a folk-rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Evan Chladny. He grew up in Ajax, ON, where his father worked as a producer, operating a music studio out of his basement. Soon after relocating to Toronto, Chladny teamed up with Luge members Cam Fraser and Tobias Hart, as well as Stephen Pitman from Tallies to form his band. Chladny‘s song writing comes from a folk-rock tradition, but can sometimes feel rough and seemingly post-punk.

Chladny‘s brand new single, “Can You See It On My Face?,” captures a breezy mood – easygoing yet contemplative. Written about all the ways people try to play it cool and how keeping your head up can weigh you down, “Can You See It On My Face?” evokes the feeling of wondering if those around you are aware of your problems and placate you, ultimately interfering with the healing process.