Charlie Castell’s Christmas song, “We’ll Have a Christmas” is unlike any other Christmas song out there. It sends a message of hope, peace, and love in a time when we’re all hurt, broken, and in pain from the beating of 2020 and beyond.

“The last few years have just been so hard. There has been so much loss, so much pain. Our mental health has taken a beating,” shares Charlie. “I’ve been hearing this phrase throughout the year from so many people…’I can’t wait for Christmas this year,’ or ‘when the year is over, boy, we’ll have a Christmas.’ I was given this phrase, and I felt I had an amazing opportunity to create something that touched people, and gave them space to relax and find peace.”

With a “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” feeling to it, in both spirit and music, “We’ll Have a Christmas” hopes to spread some joy this holiday season. Charlie’s hope is to be able to bring some love to someone’s heart and reminds us that it’s ok to feel joy and peace after feeling stressed and hurt for 2 years now.

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