Catherine Elms is a brand new exciting artist hailing from the UK. Her new single ‘Fire Song’ is everything you expect from such a title, empowering, demanding and also personal to Catherine.

Multiple layers and elements build until the song eventually crescendos into a full band sound where Elms’ vocals really shine through. In ‘Fire Song’ she takes us through a truly captivating journey both sonically and lyrically.

It’s another leap forward for Elms, who continues to progress and find her revolutionary sound in ‘Fire Song’ with an encapsulating offering.


Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Fire Song’, Catherine says:

“It’s about feeling trapped in your safe mundane life, and feeling the call to be something wild and something greater than you currently are – and eventually giving in to that call, setting your life on fire, and emerging from the ashes of your former self as a stronger, more self-actualised person.

After years of fear and self-doubt, this year I finished writing my debut album, worked with a producer and studio to bring it to life, and Fire Song will be the second single from that album. The song itself explores these themes – feeling that calling for something more, and finally setting yourself free from fear and comfortable safety. The song represents my first steps on a journey out of the dark, a journey towards the place – and person – I’m meant to be.”