As though heard throughout a scene in The Great Gatsby film, Scars reminds us of the pain that love can make us feel. Irish singer Cat Lundy has shared her darkest moments in her new track, and we can’t help but appreciate the vulnerability that’s felt in her stunning voice here at Indie Music.

She has one of those generational voices that you only come across every now and then. The Irish singer-songwriter is known for her deep, emotional, raw lyrics and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including pop, blues and jazz. A classically trained singer from the Royal Academy of Music, and self-taught guitarist, she is a first class storyteller with raw unapologetic emotion she delivers her truth. Just like Lady GaGA before her she had a residency in the Legendary ‘The Bitter End’ In New York. And had played regularly in L.A.’s infamous ‘House of Blues’, before its closure.

Scars was produced by Robbie Malone (David grey) and Billy Farrell, and mixed by James Auwater. Together, they have delivered another classic. It tells a story of forgetting a past love with melodies weaving between pop, RnB and even a James Bond-esque theme.

Scars showcases how she can effortlessly slide between genres and is inspired by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Adele. With significant support from BBC Radio 5’s Laura Whitmore, she continues to fit her description from reviews as ‘a breath of fresh air’ with vocals as ‘smooth as honey’. Scars goes above and beyond previous releases and is one not to be missed!

Speaking of the song, she says:
“Scars is a song about how each heartbreak leaves a mark on you. Its for everyone who has experienced pain before.”

Listen below.