Coming into the music scene strong, Carolyn Shulman releases her debut song “Double Stars”, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


“Double Stars” is a Folk-Americana song that utilizes binary star systems as a metaphor for an equitable and balanced relationship. The song is riddled with instruments such as upright bass,  pedal steel, and mandolin, and the foundation of the song runs on an intricate acoustic guitar picking riff. However, what truly makes this song unique is the lyrical imagery within the piece itself. Lyrics such as “as we spin through space and time on elliptical orbit lines” and “our love’s the constant force that guides our courses through the sky” just show how amazing of a poet Carolyn Shulman is. 



The music video for “Double Stars” contains beautiful nature scenery and Carolyn playing the song in the middle of a grass field. The video along with its nature based scenes are also riddled with space imagery and that of the stars, perfectly complementing the genre and theme of the song, and providing the piece with a visual that helps the listener better their understanding of all the metaphors written within the lyrics.


Shulman reveals:

“Given that the song uses so much imagery from outer space and natural world, my video producer, Julie Geller, and I agreed that shooting the video outdoors, here in beautiful Colorado would be fitting. Julie did a fantastic job of weaving carefully selected space images together with shots of me playing against the backdrop of South Valley Park’s open meadows and distinctive red rock formations. The connection between the terrestrial Colorado scenery and the space imagery seems to flow naturally and seamlessly in the video, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I couldn’t be more excited to present this song and video as the first release from my upcoming debut album!”


Carolyn Shulman is a Denver-based singer-songwriter who has been playing the guitar since the age of nine, and writing songs and performing since the age of fourteen. Having been heavily influenced by musicians such as “Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lucy Kaplansky, and Patty Griffin, Carolyn’s folk music revolves around detailed fingerpicking and meaningful vocals.


“Double Stars” is Carolyn Shulman’s debut song and the first single off of her upcoming album Grenadine & Kerosene, which will be released May 21, 2021. 


You can pre-order the album here: