Back with powerfully emotive new single ‘Can’t Help Loving You’, ELASKIA is certainly turning heads with her vivid songwriting. Best described as cinematic pop and the sort of track you’d hear in a heartbreak scene of your favourite TV show, you’ve probably already heard ELASKIA on TV. You may recognise the songstress from hit American TV and worldwide Netflix series ‘Dynasty’ – as well as Marvel’s Runaways. ELASKIA’s previous single ‘I Will Do Anything’ also landed on an episode of one of Australia’s most successful TV shows ‘Home and Away.

Speaking about the empowering new single, ELASKIA shares, “I wrote this song after someone really let me down. They really promised a lot more than they were willing to give, and it felt like they went from being this major part of my life to literally dropping off the face of the earth. I guess the part that really frustrated me was that even though I felt extremely hurt I didn’t hate them and at the end of the day I still think the world of them, but some relationships aren’t meant to stay close and it can be a really scary thing accepting that and letting go”.

Explaining how she created the track, ELASKIA adds, ““It was a really different experience recording this one for me too. Normally when you’re recording as an artist you want to sing the vocal 10 times and choose the best, most flawless take and for this song it was the opposite. I remember sitting there with my producer and we purposely chose ones where my voice shook or crumbled a little when I was trying to sing because you could actually feel the emotion. That was a little hard for me to accept at first but I’m so glad I did because it just really captured that vulnerable side of me and it just feels really genuine to myself and the song to not alter that”.

Can’t Help Loving You” is out worldwide now, and trust us, it’s absolutely beautiful.