Artists in 2018 have to climb many mountains before they achieve success in their careers, and royalty payments for recordings are one of the most unfair and confusing areas for aspiring artists.

Exit Live ( understands that providing a platform for artists to deliver live music recordings directly to your fans, is a necessary tool for any respected art-ist’s career. Exit Live fulfils that need effortlessly, via its easy to use platform for all artists regardless of genre.

Unlike many brands, whose profit and bottom line is the most important aspect of its ethos – Exit Live has designed its service to give power to you the artist, band or ensemble, providing an ethical platform to enable you not only to keep control of your recordings, but most importantly, receive immediate payments for those recordings.

Enjoying a huge royalty rate of 80% in favour of the artist, Exit Live is at the centre of a revolution in treatment of artists and ensembles, with its mantra of fairness and transparency, heralding the launch of a much needed tool for the wider music industry.

Industry experts, artists and venues alike have deemed Exit Live one of the most exciting developments for music artists in recent years.

Developed by a plethora of music and tech experts and with you in mind, Exit Live is set to become the most art-ist friendly tool, offering you a hassle free way of making money, by selling instant live and vintage recordings to your audience base.

Forget the long wait for distributors or labels to produce your material, as the last lyric of your song winds its way to the back of the auditorium, Exit Live can deliver your recording, satisfying your fans’ thirst for newly released live recordings from the moment you leave the stage.

Founder of Exit Live Giorgio Serra says,
“I love the idea of artists taking control and getting paid at the click of a button. This is exactly the reason I created Exit Live, so check us out.”

Whether you are a new artist or band on the brink of great things, and want to grasp every opportunity to make money from your fanbase, then register for free at and follow us on