Calista Kazuko is an artist possesses the talents that most don’t. Studying classical jazz and piano at university, she has inadvertently adhered to a more theatrical and dramatised way of playing and performing. Always wanting to push the boundaries of what we define as ‘pop’, Kazuko has become an accomplished singer-songwriter who has embedded these ideologies into her music.

Wanting to now focus on the celebration fo motherhood and generational love, Kazuko has released her new single ‘Panda’, and it’s a hugely immersive and passionately written song. The video, released on Mother’s Day alongside the song, shows Calista and her mother singing and performing in harmony with one another, in this stirringly brilliant pop plus track. There’s a lot of elements involved in this one, which is what makes it so compelling and intriguing the more you listen to it.


Talking more on the meaning behind ‘Panda’, Calista explains:

“‘Panda’ is a celebration of Motherhood.  A thank you to my own fabulous Mama and a thank you to the magical little Bean growing in my tummy. Now, having taken a few months dedicated to milk-stained maternal bliss, I’m so excited to share this very special song and video to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022.


Watch the video for ‘Panda’ HERE.