Calista Kazuko provides music that is highly evocative, interesting and way outside of the box. To label it as just pop music would be a disservice, as her songs are bold and individual in their own right. Taking a full-bodied approach to her craft, Kazuko wants to write music that speaks straight to the soul and does exactly that in new offering ‘So Much Love’

Full of sophisticated instrumentation, chord changes that you really don’t expect, alongside Calista highly immersive vocals, ‘So Much Love’ will keep you captivated throughout. There are jazz elements involved too, in what is a powerful song that demands your attention, reminiscent of the greats such as Kate Bush in this one.

Calista Kazuko says that, “So Much Love is my very first love song, can you believe it? I thought it was about time! We recorded while I was super pregnant and loved up on oxytocin, so this song is for the love you feel as a partner, a parent, a child, a friend, a human full of SO MUCH LOVE!”