Bryan Banks hails from Scranton Pennsylvania and brings to life the sounds of rock, metal, grunge, and funk. In his latest single, “The Less You Know” he pulls back the reins on the heavy metal side of his artistry and allows his diverse flavors of vocals to take a softer side. With elements of Hootie and the Blowfish mixed with Poison, this song offers a raw side of Banks where you can feel his desperation in sharing a secret he can’t keep anymore. The shaking in his voice and the echoed lyrics in the chorus allow the listener to believe in what he is singing.
“I see what reality bring, because the less you know of me the less it will hurt…” You can feel the heart coming undone with every word he sings and you feel like he is singing right to you.

“The Less You Know” salutes the singer for being intensely honest while still having empathy for him because you can feel his angst and depression. The lyrics make you want to help the woman he is talking to clean up the pieces of her broken heart. When he sings, “self destruct and destroy your worth (Leave me alone)” it brings light to the fact that mental health is real and he is honoring what he needs at this moment in his life, even if it means walking away from someone that he loves. He may be the fist to turn and walk away, but we will keep coming back for more and more of Bryan Banks.