Bruno Hibombo

Credit: George Chamoun

Stockholm-based artist Bruno Hibombo is an ardent storyteller with his music. His latest album, Parting Words, diverges from the piano-based musical structure of his previous records, comprising tense and farewells set to inventive arrangements.

An eclectic collection of short stories set to rock music, the nine-track album marks his entrance into guitar-based arrangements and fictional narratives. Featuring the moving focus track, “Blue Illustrations,” the album centers on themes of detachment. Singles like “How Could You Not See The Light” explore darker soundscapes, whilst “The Kind-Hearted Beth Valentine” experiments with spoken word verses overtop moody guitar riffs. Written and produced entirely on his own, Parting Words demonstrates Hibombo’s versatility and artistic evolution.

On the inspiration behind the focus track’s themes, Hibombo shares, “Lyrically, ‘Blue Illustrations’ is an exploration of disillusionment, detachment, and youth told through the lens of a narrator who recalls a series of fleeting moments involving a pensive friend. I wrote it with night-time Lisbon in mind. As with the rest of the album, the narrative and characters are fictional. The track is sonically vibrant and musically direct – a combination I hadn’t explored much in my other albums.”

Parting Words is out now across platforms. Listen here

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