About Bruce Sudano

With a resume that speaks for itself, Bruce Sudano is a man that needs no introduction. This industry legend has created songs for pop icons like Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, and his late wife, Donna Summer. His decades-spanning career has evolved from spinning together R&B and disco in his band Brooklyn Dreams to fusing pop and rock through his solo career. The singer/songwriter is now focusing his time on crafting elaborate stories that touch the listener’s inner-most hopes and dreams. With uplifting messages, funky instrumentals, and stunning creative direction, Bruce Sudano’s discography is unlike any other and is a surefire good time. Take a dip into his whimsical soundscape and let it wash over you in a warm, all-embracing way.

About the video

Traverse through the Milky Way in Bruce Sudano’s latest masterpiece, “Cosmic Ride,” a song all about adventuring through life with an open heart and mind to find meaning within. The easy-going guitar plucks and groovy drum hits sweep you away into a meditative daydream. As you float through feelings of peace and playfulness, let the lyric video take you on a trip of a lifetime. In traditional Bruce Sudano fashion, the video is an artistic collage of images cut and pasted together to create unique animations. The artist rocks a costume and cape as he is seen floating through the solar system on a magic carpet, as you absorb each lyric written with intention and poetic thought. Capturing the essence of the mystery of life, Bruce Sudano has created another beautiful pop hit.

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