Having connected on Hinge back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Nick Louis and Warren LaSota’s music met before they did. In true movie-like fashion they sent demos, tracks and lyrics back and forth, writing via the lifeline of technology, creatively coming together long before  physically meeting one another. 

Now the Brooklyn based, boy-girl duo, aptly named almost sex return with their debut EP, the sensational 5 track body of work We’re Okay. An eclectic, heady blend of impeccable indie-folk, layers of hazy Lo-fi pop, softly punctuated with moments of alt rock and all topped off with a dash of sweet americana, the project is ingeniously written, expertly performed and perfectly produced.

Showcasing a sublime balance of electronic and organic in its composition We’re Okay conjures a satisfying and incredible duality. Combining soft padded beats and percussions from a 1979 analog drum machine, smooth electric guitar, fuzzy, reminiscent vocal effects and varying acoustic instrumentation on selective tracks. 

It’s evidently clear how much these artists embed a piece of themselves within their music; the talent, artistry, connection, chemistry both musically and romantically that they share bind together so naturally. 

“The process of writing and recording this EP involved us stripping things back a bit to consolidate the core elements that made up our sound. Our drummer had been away for work for most of the year, so we began performing shows with an analog drum machine from 1979. We decided to take it into the studio with us and it ended up becoming the principal instrument featured on most of these tracks. Much of the lyrical content of the project centers around themes of getting older in an increasingly frightening and hyper-commodified world.”  – almost sex


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