Brittany and the Blisstone´s single ¨Some Times¨ is the second single release from their upcoming album, out now! 

With their unique brand of Indie Pop, duo Brittany Bliss and Reid Givens debut the first song that they have written together, learning a lot as they go from their collective writing process. 

¨Some Times¨ has three complete verses, but ends in a B section which is more of an anthem that keeps on going. With heavy bass line combined with Bliss´ trademark breezy vocals, the song is playful while still maintaining touching and thought provoking lyrics. 

Bliss and Reid say: 

¨Humans have peculiar defaults, such as the negativity bias that causes us to produce and pay attention to more negative thoughts than positive ones. But we also have innate mechanisms for dealing with that additional negativity and still function in the world. Building up those mechanisms takes practice, but the first step is to realize that practice is needed.¨

Listen here:

Their blend of Indie Pop with Breezy, Island vocals and guitar gives a very unique and upbeat Pop / Folk Pop vibe. The band take influences from artists such as Tori Amos, Billie Holiday and Suzanne Vega. 

Since they formed in 2018, both Brittany and the Blisstones have been able to generate a true following through both organic exposure and their live shows. The duo have performed in different music setting in their local Chico California area, as well as further afield in the likes of Berkeley and Oakland. 

Their first EP was funded entirely by a crowdfunding campaign. 

We look forward to more upbeat and thought provoking music from Brittany and the Blisstones to come! 

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