Brittaney Delsarte Chatman is making strides in the arts and entertainment worlds. She’s unapologetically herself in every aspect of her craft. This true millennial renaissance woman, as calls herself, is not only a trained actress, but a journalist, dancer, and musician as well. In fact, music is in her blood with Larry Lebby being her grandfather and Toni Braxton being her cousin.

Brittaney recently released her music video for her R&B single “Talk To Me.” The video is remarkably made with a clear and compelling story. She starts by telling the viewers about her relationships and how you’d think she would have lots of options in New York City, but the men in New York are just as bad as the men in the south. She’s open and honest as the imagery shows a contract. Once the music starts, she is on a date with a guy and immediately shows him the contract. She lays out everything she expects in a relationship, how she won’t give up parts of herself for him, but is willing to change with him. Thoughout the rest of the video, Brittaney is in control, she takes the guy around town and invites him up to her room at the end of the night. She really bleeds empowerment.

“It breaks my heart to witness women (including myself) in a relationship where we are repeatedly disrespected and dishonored,” she says. “You go from growing in love with this person to them becoming the bane of your existence…An honest conversation must be had before entering a relationship where both people answer the question, are you committed to the same commitment? If you’re with someone who isn’t committed to doing the work then you two are not committed to the same commitment.”

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