Brady Novotny is one of the newer talents of the music world. He started out by playing Classical guitar at the age of 10 and has had a strong affection for the nylon string guitar sound. The shred of the 80’s was one of his main influences and guilty pleasures, while Jazz was a big influence on Brady’s chordal choices and song color. This is what has ultimately led to the creation of ‘Passions Collide’- an uplifting, enriching album that encapsulates all the values that Brady holds true to heart.

Brady has released two singles from the album, the title track, and a unique tune called ‘Redemption’s Cry’, featuring vocals lent by his wife, Jennifer. The singles set a good foundation for the development of the album, and offer a preview of Brady’s style.

Throughout the length of the album, Brady’s effortless bonding with the guitar is heavily reflected, and delivers an enjoyable melody. The album itself is most certainly different, as compared to the mainstream trending tunes, but it still manages to make a lasting impact on the listener. Brady successfully forms a connection with his audience on this record, and allows room for his style to flourish even more in his future works.

‘Passions Collide’ is a true work of art and is not one to be slept on. Albeit different from what the world has been conditioned to expect from artists, it is a very solid record and carries it’s own identity.

Brady has made his mark in the industry with this album, and from this point forward, it is highly likely that he will keep maturing with all his future releases and will build his empire further.

‘Passions Collide’ was released to MTS Records in 2019 and is streaming worldwide.