Emerging Boston based singer-songwriter Gillian is straight off the mark with her addictive new debut album, ‘3 AM‘. A highly anticipated project where Gillian flawlessly blends elements of pop, indie and alternative rock to create her soundscape, the new release could certainly get Gillian in the same vein as artists such as Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Speaking about the release, Gillian shares, “I’ve been building 3 AM for almost 2 years now, and I have never been more proud of the music I’ve released. To me, the album is all about growing up, falling apart, and coming back together. It is my coming of age story. As I get older, I look at the songs on this album as different stages of growing up. Some songs I wrote in eighth grade, some I wrote throughout high school. They all have different meanings to me and have helped me process different emotions while becoming who I am today. I have never been more excited to release something into the world as I am about 3 AM, and I hope everyone loves this project as much as I do!”

Consisting of 11 tracks straight from the heart, Gillian creates a virtual safe haven within the bones of the tracks and comes across as a legend in her own genre.


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