Sometimes we think too much about what others think of us.
We wonder if we’re being too nice, not cool or hip enough. We’re afraid to live like we want.


Live and Love,” my new single, is about letting go.


You can listen via SoundCloud or Spotify now.


Malcolm Burn produced this song.


It was an amazing experience; he has worked on certain records by the likes of Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, and Emmylou Harris that really left a mark on me musically.


Malcolm was an amazing ally throughout this process, as well as a true friend.


We tracked all the basics (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) live with Jean-François Barbeau on drums, Malcolm on bass, and myself on guitar & vocals.


We really worked on capturing a great moment in a maximum of three takes.


The most natural way for a human being to be, is to let go and simply “Live and Love.”


That type of energy can only bring positivity to our world, and to the ones that we love most.


The song comes from my new album, Cocoon, out October 25th.


Thanks for listening,