Ole Halvard Sveen is a name more known among the lovers of hard rock and metal than for the average listener. As a long-time member of and songwriter in bands like Norwegian legendary metal acts Extol, Mantric and Lengsel, he’s got a reputation as a creative musician, guitarist and drummer, as well as vocalist.

As he now takes the step and releases new material on his own, under the artist name Bolivar, you can still hear the creativity and love for music, but now with a softer expression, with more use of acoustic instruments.

“Time for life (Note to self)” is the first single released as Bolivar. Except from the bass and violins, he recorded all the instruments himself – which means drums, guitars, vocals, banjo, mandolin, piano, percussion and melodica.

The song is an encouragement for the listener to enjoy the beauties of life – to take a deep breath and really live while we’re still here. It insists that there has got to be possible to fill our lives with the things we actually hold as important, the valuable experiences that fill our days with joy and meaning. You don’t need to pay your mindfulness-guru anymore – just put on your headset and let this be your mantra of the summer 2018 – you’ve got time for life!

“Time for life (note to self)” is released on all digital platforms on June 7th.