Exploding onto the UK Alternative Scene is Nottingham based outfit Blight Town. The progressive post-hardcore band have unleashed their infectious new single ‘Swerve’ to the world. Continuing to stand tall by being true to themselves the bands new single possesses an awe of acceptance by digging deep into the constant flux of ups and downs within life.

Being the band’s heaviest and most heartfelt work to date ’Swerve marks a new approach to the band’s song writing, doubling down on the technical flourishes and unusual shifts in rhythm presented in the debut EP ‘Blight Town’ but framing them within a sweeter, catchier context.

“Swerve is a reflection on how the difference between medicine and poison is often in the dosage. It plays with the idea that to be truly happy and content, you sometimes have to court the darkness a little. This single explores the idea that depression is something to be wallowed in, to allow it to wash over you completely. That you might feel the disparity all the more fiercely when you come out of the other side.” – Vocalist, Jake Hough.

Despite a global pandemic taking up the majority of the band’s existence, Blight Town have fought to make their mark on the live circuit, clawing their way up the hierarchy of their local scenes with early appearances alongside Arkdown, Selfworth, Reclaimer, Black Orchid Empire, and an incredible performance at ‘Techabilitation‘ in 2021.

Check out the official music video right here: