Bleu Clair feels like he is constantly on the cusp of something special at the moment, with the globally renowned house DJ literally becoming a household name song by song. 2022 has seen banger after absolute banger from Clair, and he is seeing the year out in style with 5 track EP ‘New Age Of House’.  Featuring previous releases ‘Aura’ and ‘Sand Dunes’, Bleu has also shared 2 startling new house tracks in ‘Peanut Butter’ and ‘Love Capsule 2022’.

‘Peanut Butter’ is hypnotic and synonymous from Bleu Clair, in what is another heavy dosage of hard-hitting house music that all his fans will continue play on repeat. The clever vocal chops once again enhance Clair’s style, and it does exactly that here. ‘Love Capsule 2022’ caps off a brilliant EP by the Indonesian house master, in another blinding and mesmerising track that symbolises a whole new rea for house music. It’s insanely special from Clair, check it out now.