Blanks’ cheap sodas and ice cream kisses sees the YouTube sensation collecting together some of his best-loved tracks so far.


‘Cheap sodas and ice cream kisses’ is the name of the sun-soaked EP from the YouTube sensation, Blanks. Bringing together some of his best-loved tracks so far, the EP is the perfect soundtrack for those summer months and will help you keep the summer fun going well into autumn with these 80s-influenced party tunes.


The overwhelming feeling from this EP is that nothing can parallel Blanks’ unwavering energy and positivity, even in the face of a breaking relationship, the debilitating isolation of a global pandemic, or the ever-present pressure of social media. All these topics and more are tackled with Blanks’ characteristically cheeky grin, no-nonsense lyricism and some seriously groovy basslines. 


‘Dance Alone’, the song Blanks wrote in response to lock down, is the undisputed champion of the record, with the lyrics presenting Blanks as a relatable spokesperson for the complex emotions we all felt going into the unknown during March this year. Never straying too close to despair, Blanks conveys the loneliness and confusion of these feelings with an upbeat melody and danceable beats, banishing the lock down blues for good!


Other highlights include ‘Wave’, famously written with his Instagram followers, which has, to date, received nearly 4 million Spotify streams. 


Speaking to a generation of fans who all follow him through social media, this release marks the beginning of Blanks’ spread to the music industry proper, with catchy hooks and infectious melodies – Blanks’ reign begins now.