Blanks’ latest foray into the world of music has produced the ultimate introvert’s anthem – ‘Sweaters’ is an ode to nights’ in, spent curled up under duvets in pyjamas and, yes, sweaters. 


Characterised by Blanks’ now-signature use of 80s style synths and clap-along beats, ‘Sweaters’ is ultimately held together by Blanks’ impressive vocal delivery and songwriting talents. Inspired by a night he spent at a party in LA where he felt uncomfortable, Blanks has managed to turn a negative experience into something beautiful, and using his honed talents as a musician, lyricist and all-round “overexcited music boy” (instagram bio) to do so.


The release of ‘Sweaters’ comes at a very exciting time for Blanks. Heading into the new year with an incredibly well-received performance at Eurosonic festival under his belt, this self made pop star is looking forward to a headline slot at Vidcon London from the 20th-23rd February 2020, as well as a headline show on the 21st April at Colours Hoxton and an exciting spot on the bill at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, 13th-16th of May 2020. 


Watch the live video for ‘Sweaters’ down below and make sure you follow Blanks on social media (@musicbyblanks) for updates!