Blanks is an artist you just can’t keep down. Not content with smashing his last release, ‘Sweaters’ – a hit which saw him perform in the headline slot at London’s VidCon 2020 – now Blanks turns his hand once again to creativity, even during quarantine.


‘Dance Alone’ is the product of this. Written whilst Blanks was bored in quarantine, it’s a song which perfectly addresses the frustration, anger and loneliness felt during isolation, but presents them in the form of an uplifting, 80s-inspired bop.


“I’ve been lost, lost in the rhythm lately / I don’t know, know how to dance alone,” confesses Blanks as he attempts it anyway, apologising to a houseplant he brushed against in the process. The video alone was a great hit, prompting Blanks to release the song on all platforms despite intending it to be only YouTube content and nothing else. 


This not only indicates the dedication of Blanks’ fanbase but also the quality of the music itself – despite the declaration that he doesn’t know how to dance alone, this song is impossible not to dance along to. Maybe in releasing this, Blanks has ensured that we are all dancing alone, but together, whilst listening. 


Watch the (homemade) video down below and make sure to follow Blanks on his socials to stay up-to-date with the latest release and live show information!