The holidays may be over, but that’s what’s so great about this Lana Del Ray styled track, “Holiday Vinyl”. Reminding us of Lana’s “Summertime Sadness”, “Holiday Vinyl” a song about feeling a bit different after seeing all the love shown all over the television screens during the holidays, where everyone is keeping warm together.

With lyrics like, “Raise my glass my lovers / I got them New York City Christmas blues” and “Will you lie next to me / Jack Daniel got you by your throat,” Blakeley shows that not everyone’s holiday is the same.

This track shows that sometimes it’s okay to spend time alone on Christmas, whether that’s what you wanted or not. It’s okay. It’s normal. Not everything is sugarcoated. But if you do have someone to spend the day with, go for it. Do what makes YOU happy.

You can hear it in Blakeley’s rich voice and bluesy voice as she expresses her soul into “Holiday Vinyl.” Finally, someone was able to make a holiday song that shows the side that people don’t want to talk about.

Blakeley writes, produces, and performs her work in a variety of mediums. She’s currently working on a new EP with Happy Hound records, so stay tuned for that if you loved “Holiday Vinyl” as much as we did!

You can listen to “Holiday Vinyl” below:

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