Blake Morgan is an artist who has seemingly done it all. An all encompassing artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, his career spans for over 20 years and in that time he has, as well as releasing his own accomplished material, produced records for the very, very best. Blake saw lockdown as a chance to rebirth his own writing once more though, and after a relatively short hiatus, returns with his arguably his best work yet, in album ‘Violent Delights’.

An exploration into prog rock, pop and post-punk, this album is definitely a showpiece for Morgan’s ever expanding horizons and sonic diversity. Title track ‘Violent Delights’ channels the 90s rock power ballads from Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins with a crisp and modernised touch.

Having no problem in finding those melodically swooning notes, Blake showcases his vocal range and tonality once more with his soaring guitar lines alongside, making for a captivating listening experience that will bring nostalgia and presence all at once.

Blake says on the album “I wanted to make a new record that would evoke a time in music when melodic Rock-’n-Roll hooks weren’t a vice, when optimistic, triumphant love songs with bite poured out of the car stereo.”

It is pop rock at its very finest, and Blake Morgan has created something truly special and genre defining.

Listen to ‘Violent Delights’ HERE.