Bill Abernathy is an interesting character, and a fun singer-songwriter. He’s always had a very compelling style to his music, and it permeates basically everything he makes. His latest EP, “Who Are You, Who Am I” has just dropped, and today we’re giving it a closer look to find out what he’s got in store for us this time around. So, read on for our review on Bill’s latest set of tunes.

“Who Are You, Who Am I” is an EP comprised of four songs, making it a nice, short and digestible little project that you can listen through in under half an hour with ease. Despite that however, it’s a surprisingly dense EP when it comes to lyrics, musical themes and songwriting.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with the vocal performances on the EP, all done by Bill Abernathy himself. His raspy, gravely voice works quite well with the more mellow songs and the album, almost surprisingly so. Songs like “A Thousand Wild Horses” are fantastic showcases of Bill’s performing talent as he absolutely nails the song’s musical themes.

Meanwhile, there’s a certain sense of catharsis that as Bill breaks down what’s happening in front of him in the song “World’s Fore Most Authority On Everything”. He’s an excellent narrator in the song, with his singing voice going up and down according to exactly what he wants you to feel. It results in a lot of very memorable songs and lines that will stick with you weeks after you’re done playing them.

There’s also some fascinating genre bending going on here, especially on songs like the aforementioned “A Thousand Wild Horses”. Combining dreamier synths with soft and pleasant acoustic guitar gives the song an identity, and that extends to basically every song on the EP.

It all culminates in the title track itself, “Who Are You, Who Am I” which serves as the main emotional anchor of the EP. As the song continues, the singer-songwriter drives you through his thought process as he takes his time establishing the melancholic feel of the song, building it up to the cathartic and emotional climax.

“Who Are You, Who Am I” is a great showing from the singer-songwriter, one that proves he’s still got plenty of creativity left in his tank to keep producing excellent works such as this EP. We’re definitely looking forward to what else the artist plans to release in the future!

–Jason Airy