Austin TX indie punk rockers Big Loser have just released their second full length album, “love you, barely living,” out on Black Numbers Records.


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In addition, the release is accompanied by two new music videos for their singles “pessimist, for real”, which premiered on Punk Rock Theory, and “blisters”, which premiered on The Noise.





pessimist, for real:


Big Loser is an American rock band formed by frontman Chase D. Spruiell. Pairing hard hitting lyrics with glistening song arrangements the band has quickly earned a seal of approval in the underground scene. Love You, Barely Living is their Black Numbers debut and everything about it is big. Haunting guitars, roomy drums, and epic singalongs set the tone for Chase and the rest of Big Loser to showcase their songwriting skills. Love You, Barely Living plays like a coming of age film where no matter how many times the protagonist falls you just know they are going to be alright in the end.


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