British born Allegra has already managed to make a name for herself in the competitive dance-pop world. Having garnered mass attention springing onto the scene at such a tender age, Allegra continued to dominate the music industry with new single, accompanying music video and behind the scenes look at ‘All About Us’. 

The single starts simply with some sweeping synths the track is soon taken up a notch by the inclusion of Allegra’s powerful and yet controlled vocals. ‘I’m all about you/One hundred percent you is my truth’, she sings in her characteristically emotive tone. She writes her own material, a rarity for such young talent, which results in tracks that are honest, and performances that are real and raw.

The track comes accompanied by a bold and dynamic music video that highlights the modernity of this young artist. The derelict and urban aesthetic value combined with the trend-setting styling make for a truly brilliant video that shows exactly what kind of artist Allegra is.

The behind the scenes look at the music video is even more fun than the scenes in the visual portray. Getting glammed up in shimmering summer make-up and dressed head to toe in pastel coloured clothing, Allegra and her friends can be seen to descend onto an open plan estate to dance, skate and sing to the lighthearted lyrics of ‘All About Us’. 

Allegra looks set to join the pop elite with her catchy and dynamic pop hits with a relatable edge. Having released ‘All About Us’ and gaining unprecedented amount of success, with the song charting high on Billboard and Music Week charts, for this rising star her destiny in music is set for the taking. 

You can watch the official music video and behind the scenes video for Allegra’s ‘All About Us’ below.