Ámaris, the foremost music producer and singer/songwriter, is a multi-talented artist that reaches almost all aspects of the arts. She recieved training in Drama, starting in Zurich and later moving to the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, where she also studied dance. She found her love for electronic music at this time and the rest is history.

She just released her new single “Been Doing This,” an electronic R&B song about embracing change and new beginnings. Ámaris initially wrote this song as a song for her album Dream World, but then decided to ‘trash’ it. However, she later found the song again while working on another project and gave it another try. Almost rewriting the whole song, the melody was completely different and was more on the ambient and soundscape side. It was inspired by the soundscapes of video games. Only the lyrics stayed roughly the same, just a few tweaks here and there.

“‘Been Doing This’ is about new beginnings, but in a good way,” she shares. “The song is about letting things go that no longer work and moving on to something new that is already waiting for you.”

Listen here:

Upcoming projects from Ámaris include an acting appearance in the play ‘Last of the Red Hot Lovers’ as Elaine and a music documentary called “On Tape” directed by L.A.-based Maria Corso, of the female-owned production company Two Foot Five
Productions, and produced by Ámaris. “On Tape” will focus on  female and non-binary music producers who will answer questions about their work. 10 questions, 10 music producers, no wrong answers!

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