Even though it’s the easiest thing to close your eyes to the challenges of the world, I try not to.

Cry” was inspired by the feeling of hopelessness that arises from being nothing but a drop in the ocean. It’s about realizing how hard it is to know anything for sure.

Before we went into the studio, we had no plans to record the track. I thought of it as more of a high-energy live song, which we captured with producer, Anders Boll.

To recreate the feeling of the song played live, we recorded loud, distorted guitar reminiscent of shoegaze and vocal dubs from every single member of the band.
Cry” is from our self-titled EP, out today, which engages with themes of youth, love, and the transition to an enlightened life. It was therapeutic to write such things down and we hope to cultivate the same feeling for our listeners.
Thank you for listening,
Bear With Me