BaYaT announce their explosive debut album “So It Begins”


Release date :  25th December

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BaYaT announce their highly anticipated and long awaited debut album “So It Begins” , which will take their fans on a whole new rock journey. “So It Begins” will serve as an introduction to who BaYaT are, both musically and personally, and is set to be released on the 25th of December.


BaYaT was created by a group of friends, Milos Bajat ( M8 ), Konstantin Srdjanov ( Lil’ Coly ), Srdjan Sivacki ( Grey ) and Marko Vanovic ( Warden ), in their hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia. Quite recently they welcomed their fifth and youngest member Darko Perkovic ( Styx ) as their new drummer. BaYaT spend every second of their free time practicing and creating and it seems like they have found their perfect recipe for transferring their thoughts and opinions into their music and lyrics.


“So It Begins” is composed of 8 tracks, most of which were recorded in Studio Blaze, Belgrade. The opening track “Adrenaline” really gets your adrenaline going, with its high octane and powerful introduction. In contrast to “Adrenaline”, the closing track “Wasted Land” provides a beautiful melancholic close to the album. The album has a solid message throughout, regarding moral issues and clear warnings of the dangers of the path that the society is going down. The problems of today are musically introduced by progressive melodic verses, powerful choruses in minor chords, and sharp breakdowns.

Since BaYaT’s debut single “Lost”, their style and genre remains present, yet enriched by some heavier sounds and subtle touches of NU and modern metal. Being the only true ballard on the album, “Lost” is a very unique song, keeping a strong presence with its own magical simplicity. It still carries the same message, although from a totally different point of view.

And whilst each song varies in tone, they all circle back to a familiar theme. “ Every song has a lot of emotion and feeling, of  which have had an impact on us privately during the making of our debut album, so that was probably our greatest inspiration. Everyday life in 21st century, it ain’t easy. But we are focusing more on, that it can be a little easier and comfortable. We all have to start with ourselves and that’s how it all begins. And that is kind of the theme that runs through the whole album.” says Milos Bajat ( M8 ), the lead singer.


BaYaT’s latest single “A Prayer In Time” received a lot of radio play worldwide, along with their previous singles “So It Begins”, “Adrenaline” and “Lost”. The singles have been featured on radio shows on Rock Radio UK, Lonely Oak radio ( USA ), RKC radio ( France ), BBS Radio ( USA ), Wigwam radio ( UK ), Indie City Radio ( Canada ) among others. “Adrenaline” made the cut as one of the best songs of 2018 on Rock Radio UK and “So It Begins” in 2019. BaYaT are currently in the process of organizing their first European tour, the “So it Begins tour” 2020.


On the 25th of December, “So It Begins” will be available on all major digital platforms for all alternative rock and NU metal fans.


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