BARRON is an artist who has climbed higher than most. The EDM talent has gone from strength to strength since releasing his debut single ‘Where Do We Go’ earlier this year, introducing us all to his fun-filled and inspirational brand of electronic music.

He continues his momentum with the magical single ‘Home’. A really moving piece of music, you can hear the care and attention to detail that goes into BARRON’s music. He has created another beautifully laid out soundscape, full of electronic textures and dance-pop elements that will get you moving, all the while still being mesmerised by his craft.

The video is just as special, going through the motions of the song with some special moments captured from his life a few years back. Check out this song and video now.

“I’ve been really excited to release the video for this track. The idea for it came from the fact that I went on a three month RV trip with some good friends a couple years back and this video is portraying that journey and the somewhat humbling feeling of the return home. For a short period of time we really didn’t have a care in the world and were just living life the way I feel it should always be lived.