Breathtakingly original, ‘Backfired‘ deserves to be played from every rooftop in town.

Taking centre stage in the most delicate track he’s ever released, Louis Vann Johnson blends layers of soul, folk R&B and pop together to create his signature sound. A reflective song that brings light to the world’s current darkness, “Backfired” comes in a time of need for the world and could be called a helping hand for millions across the globe. The past year has been tough for the world, including musicians too. Louis was set to support X Factor Runner Up Jahmene Douglas for his UK tour but unfortunately, the tour was postponed due to the pandemic. Set to resume next year, Louis could even find himself touring the UK as a headline slot if ‘Backfired’ is anything to go by.

On the enchanting new single, Louis Vann Johnson explains, “Backfired is about finding a relationship in a state of chaos. It explores the journey of recognising, understanding and eventually accepting that there are fundamental incompatibilities/differences in that relationship that cannot be solved overnight. 

The song is the beginning of an inward journey where many people have found themselves. It also hints at possible compatibility but it is often hindered/restricted by deeper issues within each individual. Backfired is the first step on this inward journey on my E.P 34/7.”

Stream Backfired HERE.