Going from strength to strength with every release he unleashes, alternative artist Azariel Fly is certainly turning heads within the industry. Gaining support from the likes of CLOUT, Daily Advent, 1883 Magazine and VENTS, Azariel’s new single ‘oxytocin’ feels like the summer anthem we desperately needed. The sort of track you stick on to get a serotonin boost, this playful number is armed with layers of individuality and vibrance.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Azariel Fly states, “oxytocin is a song that brings a pure, joyous vibe to anyone’s day. I want to make people dance and in the song, it expresses the sensations and “emotions humans will feel when they’re experiencing that love & joy.”

Imagine Frank Ocean teaming up with Drake to create a sensational anthem for the world of hip-hop, look no further because ‘oxytocin’ feels like the lovechild of the two. Teaming up with vocalist BLA for the effortless offering, this passionate number is atmospheric and quite ethereal in places.

Stream the summer-infused number here.