Welcome to the feel-good, bittersweet and ruefully lovely world of pop vocalist Stef Amadeus. Pronounced just like the famous composer (and yes, it’s her real name!), Stef began her entertainment career in musical theater, and is now venturing into the world with her first original solo release. Her debut single, “You &  I” is about deep connections and friendships, and has a very unique origin story.

In the world of musical theater, Stef portrayed a multitude of characters in various shows, but the one that would change her life would be a performance for HAIR, in which she joined a cast who would all have to get naked on stage together. The results were outstanding friendships that seemed to blossom literally instantly, and those relationships sparked the song “You & I”.

Stef explains it in her own words:

“I believe that we are all a big part of this universe, not because of what we offer it, but because of what we offer each other. There is something magical about the connections we get to make with each other. We’re all made out of the same stardust, and when you really think about that, it’s absolutely fascinating the ways we can touch the lives of others. If you’ve ever met someone for some unexplainable reason and knew that person was going to be an important part of your life, then the music I write and the song I’m releasing is especially for you.”

The single will be released on all major streaming platforms on April 6th, and a special lyric video will premiere on April 7th. Stef Amadeus will also be releasing an acoustic performance video of the single, and will feature a giveaway meant to uplift and showcase the friendships of her fans, going live on April 8th. 

Her upcoming single can be pre-saved via her website, and the pop vocalist dropped a preview of the song on her Instagram reels. Following this release, Stef will also have an original song, “I Can’t Stop” released in May and then a deeply bittersweet track “Better” coming in June.