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Ali Jacko: “Army of Angels” by Addison Coleman

The “Army of Angles” have come and saved my soul….one of the singles released by London singing sensation Ali Jacko. “Army of Angles” is a dark, powerful song with a haunting War-torn video to accompany it. “Have you ever been searching for something that could never be found?” There are not many videos or songs as compelling as this one. Ali Jacko has been releasing a single each month during his 11 month plan to release one a month. The former 5 time world kick boxing champion took up singing after he was advised by a voice coach that...

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Review: “Deep South Symphony” By Brian Grilli Written By ENT Works

A new hip artist making a breakthrough for fame, hometown being Lansing, Illinois, presenting Brian Grilli. Brian Grilli has an impressive background of receiving awards and having many opportunities to perform worldwide. This aspect is very impressive because he has significant awards standing behind his name, showing that Grilli is someone everyone should be listening to.   Grilli’s style of music has a few different blends of Country, Blues, and Southern Rock. The guitar is his main instrument that is used in his music. It is very strong, aggressive, and empowering. Sometimes his guitar work could be too empowering...

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Leon & The Peoples To Release Spectra Music Group Debut “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” July 20, 2018

Leon & The Peoples are releasing their Spectra Music Group debut album “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” on Friday July 20, 2018. Now available worldwide, reserve your copy today! Leon & The Peoples have achieved significant Billboard success, hitting the Hot Singles Charts numerous times, reaching as high as number three with their hit single “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” which is the title track off their new album. Other singles on the new album that hit the Billboard Hot Singles Charts include “I’d Look Good On You” and “Beautiful”. Leon leads the group, Leon & The Peoples, which...

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Andy Michaels: Singer/Songwriter/Poetic

Australian rocker/alternative sensation Andy Michaels is currently locked inside the studio recording a brand new album and single. Just coming off of producing his breathtakingly magnificent and heroic video of his haunting tribute to the murderous pirate mutiny, “Lucretia’s Eylandt”, the singer/ song writer/ poetic has already demoed one of the most sensational songs on the planet entitled, “Only Love ( Knows the Meaning of Good-Bye)”.   Michael’s, a published poet, is a force of nature. His creative abilities and gentle persona captivate audiences globally, however just speaking to Andy is a compelling celebration in itself. His album “Revisited”...

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Review: Tom Proctor and the A-Listers “Working Man” by MieKayla Singleton

Okay, I’ll just say this: TOM. PROCTOR. IS. EVERYTHING! Literally, he’s everything; him, his band, and his newest album, Working Man, which was released June 15thof this year. As a music fanatic, I’ve never listened to an album that was as real as Working Man…or, at least, like it. In other words, I’ve never listened to an album to the point where at the end, I said, “…now, this is just deep on so many levels.” While I’m on that, can I just call this album “deep”…please?   Working Man’s two best aspects, among others, areits realistic themes and...

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Review: Sam Stevens: “Don’t Cry” by Bruce Kent

  Branded “The James Bond of the Music World”, UK break through artist Sam Stevens debut single “Don’t Cry” might very well turn out to be the pop song of the year. Sonically simple, vocally majestic and tinged with romance, it feels good to listen to. Themed with the suggestion of unrequited love, the listener hopes for a happy ending, however they never get the benefit of finding outcome. The topic is relevant and relatable, and although there is a hint of sorrow within the lyrics, the melody catches your desire for fun nevertheless. It’s upbeat, radio friendly and...

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