Author: Melanie Gomez

Elza Releases Music Video for “Swayed”

Elza is an alternative rock singer, composer, producer, arranger, keyboardist, and guitarist from Canada. With her debut EP Glories, Elza managed to make it on community radio stations and reach number 16 and 18 with “Tracks ‘Purpose” and “Glories.”

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Monique Angele Releases Music Video for “I Want A World”

Monique Angele is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has performed across Canada, Australia, and London. She started out as an opera singer, but with her elegant piano melodies and stunning vocals, Monique fearlessly got into the world of pop music with her newest album, Alive.

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American Amnesia Release “Time”

If you love bands like Alice in Chains, The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Twenty One Pilots, then American Amnesia is for you. Check out their latest single at!

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N E U R O T I X Release “Loser”

N E U R O T I X is a grunge, alternative, punk/rock band from Chicago consisting of Dominic Tonozzi (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Rhyne (lead guitar), Carlo Tamayo (bass and vocals), and Dave Reisig (drums and vocals). With their latest single, “Loser”, we’re getting MAJOR Nirvana vibes! And we’re not complaining about it! So whoever called them a loser, jokes on them.

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James Adkins Releases “Don’t Say Goodbye”

James Adkins is a talented artist in the world of folk, blues, and Americana, and what we love about him is that he stays true to himself. After touring with Big Virginia Sky, being part of Katie Rogers’ band who opened for The Band Perry, and opening for Taylor Hicks, James is still the same genuine and down-to-earth person that he has always been. After completing some major accomplishments, James is now releasing his new album, Brokedown Free Man Blues.

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